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This has been coming for a while. After having several friends point out that my blog name isn’t very family friendly, I’ve decided to move my blog and change the name to something I can say out loud at church and not have people look at me sideways.

It’s also the reason I haven’t been here in a little while as I try and figure out which direction I want to take my blog. I like having the freedom to have a forum where I can express myself on a variety of topics that I can expand on a little more than just a few tweets here and there or a few sentences on Facebook. Normally I have a lot to say about everything. And every once in a while, nothing at all.

I think the new title describes me more accurately than the old one anyway. It shows I still embrace my New Orleans heritage while also embracing my adopted heritage as well.

So it saddens me that I am saying goodbye to an old era, but also excited to see where I can go with a new one. I hope you’ll join me.