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I know this post is going to sound like a great big commercial but I can’t stop saying good things about this company. I’ve had a Fossil watch for about 12 years now. It was a great watch. Stainless steal, sleek, feminine. I loved everything about it. I bought it at Sunglass Hut when they sold Fossil gear. I paid around $75 for it and brought it back to Sunglass Hut when the battery needed to be changed. All of the sudden, it stopped working and needed a battery change even though I had just had it changed a few months before. At this time, the Fossil store opened in the mall and I had been taking it there to get the battery changed. When the guy opened it up, it had water damage inside. My beloved watch of 5 years was toast.

The sales guy asked me how long I had the watch and I replied 5 or 6 years. He told me to hold on a second and after a few clicks on his computer, he determined my watch was about 6 years old. Then he told me I had a few options since their watches have a 11 year warranty. I could send the watch off to be fixed free of charge, or I could pick a new replacement watch with a $125 value since that was the value of comparable watches in the store.

So instead of waiting the 6-8 weeks for the repair, I chose a new watch which was as close to my old watch as possible. This watch was a workhorse as well and got me through a few years of restaurant work but not without it’s battle scars. The crystal had been beat up pretty bad to the point that it was virtually impossible to tell time, and I had stopped wearing it. One day while in the mall, I popped into the Fossil store to inquire about having the crystal replaced. They told me it would be $22 including shipping. This sales guy then asked me how long I had my watch and when I replied 5 years or so he told me to bring it in, I may have some other service options.

When I brought it in, he looked it up on the computer and told me for $32 I could have the band, the battery and the actual case (which included the crystal) replaced. Of course, I signed up. After about 2 weeks of waiting, I got my watch back today. It looks brand new!

I really can’t say enough about this company. I will buy all my casual watches from Fossil from now on. Their customer service is above and beyond. It’s good to know that there are companies out there that still care to not only make products to last but are willing to stand behind them.